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eDreams ODIGEO (sometimes referred to as simply "eDreams") is a Spanish online travel company that was formed in 2011 as the successor of eDreams with the merger of online travel agencies eDreams and GO Voyages, and the acquisition of Opodo (which included Travellink).The company is the largest online travel group in Europe, and the largest distributor of online flights in the world.

Lester T. says, "I have booked three flights through eDreams recently. It has been worse than the virus. It has been impossible to contact them and solve the problem. The airline cancelled the flight so I wanted to request a refund. They just want to offer another date. Please buy the flights directly from the airline, it is worthy. Trust me. I was supposed to travel this July 20 and still don't know if I will get my money back."


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Erwan S. says

"The service with Go Voyage is inexistent. They can simply NOT BE CONTACTED where thru internet site or App. I think it is full done on purpose. I asked on Dec 12th to modify a return ticket for the 06 Jan, and got ZERO answer, ZERO feeddback. But I'm really glad a received a message from Go Voyage on 10 Jan telling that they were still in the process of changing my return flight. I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS TERRIBLE SITE."


"Service nul , et contact quasiment impossible, je n’utiliserais plus jamais votre application"


"The service in airport was very poor"

Azm says

"Movese experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mehdi Eddouhbani says

"VERY DISAPPOINTING I asked them to review a flight change request, which I thought would be quickly done as I took the "FLEXIBLE" option. Both flights passed and they're still "examining" my request. Don't get fooled by this poor service, and book directly with the companies... they're not any better, but at least you can call them directly if you want to cancel or move your flight!!!! EDIT: I want you guys to look at their answer - oh sorry we're swamped because of covid... I understand, but then DON'T SELL FLEXIBLE tickets if you have no chance to be able to provide that service!!! It's a scam and theft!!!!!!"

Cheyma Rahmeni says

"Worst experience ever. 6 months ago, I booked a flight through go voyage for an amount of 405€ and with an insurance. Even though the flight got canceled they refused to reimburse me. Be careful, they aren’t trustworthy. They are just a bunch of thieves!!! 🤬🤬🤬"

Deborah says

"I had two flights with them (Paris-USA), they were both canceled due to COVID, it was more than half a year ago and I still haven't gotten a refund or a voucher. They do not reply to my email or my DM on social media. I lost +1k."

Francesco says

"I was sent an announcement on my email, and to look at what it was about, I clicked it. When I clicked you took 54 euro from my bank without even making me an invoice. I would kindly like to be reimbursed"


"A desaster! after sale service hang up or if it is not the case they are responding just like they are not earing you... They are saying on the phone the opposite what is written in the mail I received... RUN!!!!"

SAID says

"J'ai fait une demande de changement de date et c'est tjrs en traitement sachant que la nouvelle date concerne le 14/11/2020, pour accélérer le traitement j'ai essayé de contacter un de vos agents ms c'est tjrs le bot messenger qui me répond et c'est pas du tout professionnel, j'en peux plus. Je dois m'assurer si mon changement sera accepté ou non parce que je dois prendre le vol pour le 14/11/2020, je suis pas genre qui attend la dernière minute pour savoir. Update: This night i checked the progress of my request and it was cancelled without any warning, also i could neither change the flight date neither cancel it. The service deserves ZERO. Update 2: I confirm my first intuition about your services, You deserve ZERO cuz your response to my review is so late and it didn't respond to my situation and i think that it's an automatic response which justifies more and more your laziness."

Karim says

"Still nothing !!! After one week i still have no news about Go Voyages. Normally i should have gone to Istanbul monday 26.10.20 but they never answer to me at all and i'm very worry about a refund. It's just a shame."

Micheal Lim says

"I asked for a ticket refund 5 month ago and I am still waiting to get my money back. The customer service is inexistent. You can call for hours and nobody picks the phone. I contacted directly the Air Company and they said they already reimbursed GoVoyage. Yet I am still waiting. Avoid this company like the plague!"


"Very bad service"

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